Equitable Art

In a sentence equitable art is art that pays everyone who participates in its production. I always thought it strange that an artist can solely take credit and benefit financially from collaborative work. Not only do I believe in the transformative power of any prosocial all-inclusive activity, I believe in the power of acknowledgement for all who participate. One version of equitable art is building a responsible supply chain for materials to produce and install. Another version of equitable art is placing a computer and a mirror at the base of a building. Participants type in their own name while standing in front of a mirror. The participant’s name is then broadcast on a visible and giant digital billboard at the top of a nearby building. To place the billboard on a building the participant can’t see could be called ‘Gossip’ or ‘Social Media.’ In a prosocial, more ‘reflective’ version, the participant stands in front of a camera and their image is cast rather than their name. Another form of equitable art is paying each painter participating in one of my Pixel Projects. Observers are paid in meaningful experiences. What’s your equitable art?